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Handling materials on the job site just got a whole lot easier with Pilehire's premier range of grabs and grapples. From rocks to debris, timber to miscellaneous materials, Pilehire's excavator attachments are designed to handle it all.

Whatever the task, Pilehire's grabs and grapples are up to it, with the versatility, durability, and performance recognised right across the construction and excavation industries.

Grabs and grapples streamline digging and piling processes, unearthing tremendous efficiency savings on the job site.

Rock grabs are great when you need to reposition unwieldy rocks in a rural landscape. A demolition grab is essential for pulling things apart on an urban demolition site or moving materials around a construction site. And if there's challenging terrain where trees need to be felled, a tree felling grab will hold them in place. No matter the job, whatever the environment, Pilehire has an attachment.

Talk to Pilehire about their diverse range of grabs and grapples. And remember, Pilehire offer a pickup & delivery service, so you don't have to grapple with Auckland traffic.