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    1. Minimun Hire: One day, and we do not off-hire. Time out is time charged, including Sundays and Public Holidays.

    2. Cleaning: Charges apply if returned dirty. Minimum charge $32.50 + GST

    3. Vehicles: Hire equipment to be collected in a truck, open tray ute or trailer, and must be tied down securely.
    We do not load equipment into cars, station-wagons, or vans. If required, trailers are available.

    4. Fittings & Installation: Our standard couplers may not match all excavators as there are many types.
    It is the customers' responsibility and cost to supply, install and fit if our standard fittings do not match/suit.

    5. Deliveries/Collections: Charges apply and subject to availability.
    Tools remain on hire until returned, or collected, and to avoid disappointment please give us 24hrs notice.

    6. Damage/Lost/Worn: Charges apply for damages, lost, or worn teeth, flights, hoses, couplings, pins, parts, hire tools, etc.

    7. GST: All prices exclude GST.

    8. Authorisation: I/We are authorised to order these goods to the said customer. I/We authorise Pilehire Ltd to debit the
    nominated card/account for the total due for deposits, hires, repairs, deliveries, cleaning, and goods supplied.

    Pilehire is a dedicated piling, drilling and attachment company; specializing in hire, manufacture and maintenance of piling, drilling and excavator attachments.

    We are very experienced in manufacturing heavy duty equipment for the construction and infrastructure sector in New Zealand.

    We make it super easy for you to use our gear throughout the country.


    Monday – Friday 7am to 5pm
    Saturday – 8am to 12pm
    Sunday – Closed

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