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Pilehire is the specialist hire company for piling and drilling equipment. Hire from our range of crane mount vibros, mostly used to vibrate in casings and vibrate in sheet piles. They can also be used for compaction and extraction of sheet piles and casing. Get the specific crane mount vibros solution you require to empower your workforce for more efficient projects.

A variety of sizes provide the ideal pieces of equipment for a range of tasks. Our collection of crane mount vibros, sheet pile driving equipment and more. It’s important to hire the right equipment in order to complete the project to the highest standard in the quickest amount of time. With plenty of choice, find the right tool for the job - we are sure to have it. If you can’t find what you need, contact us as not all our products are listed.

Our mission is to provide the best equipment to ensure you complete your projects efficiently and effectively with the help of Pilehire’s extensive equipment ready to hire or buy.