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Pilehire is your specialist hire company for all your job site equipment. We provide manual and hydraulic concrete skips for applications across various construction sites and scenarios.

Manual Concrete Skips

Manual concrete skips are known for their simplicity and reliability. Hire a versatile solution, fill them with concrete, position them over the hole and open them up for simple and easy concrete pours. Our range excels at pouring concrete into formwork, trenches and hard-to-reach areas, making them a dependable choice for projects of all sizes. Safety is a top priority, as our manual skips feature robust handles and locking mechanisms to ensure controlled discharge to minimise the risk of on-site accidents. The straightforward manual tipping mechanism makes these skips easy to operate, allowing construction workers to maintain precision in concrete placement.

Hydraulic Concrete Skips

For large-scale projects and those demanding precise concrete placement, hydraulic concrete skips are the go-to choice. Equipped with advanced hydraulic systems, these skips offer a controlled discharge, guaranteeing a consistent flow of concrete. Hydraulic skips have a hydraulic ram to open and close the chute. This level of control is especially valuable for high-rise construction and other scenarios where precision is crucial.