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Vegetation Management-Pile hire have a lot of different attachments for vegetation control.

We have 2 types of rakes. Root Rakes and Rock Rakes. Root Rakes are longer, curved more and can hold a bit of stuff, shaped like a bucket. Rock Rakes are heavy and straighter and are just for ripping rock from the ground.

Stump Grinders are used for grinding down stumps, Splitters are for splitting wood, Planners are just small stump grinders run off of a drill motor.

Pilehire have excavator mounted Rippers which are great for ripping roots and rocks out. we also have excavator mount Knives which are great for sawing through roots and cutting into rock veins.

Mulchers are used predominately for scrub clearing. We have fixed hammer mulchers and flail mulchers. They spin quickly driven by hydraulic motors and cut into the scrub. We have a good range of excavator mounted Mulchers, we can also fit these mulchers to skid steers.

Tree shears are for cutting and clearing away trees, they are good for cutting old wooden piles and poles.