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We have a huge range of excavator mount vibrators, drop hammers, post compacters, and breaker drivers

Pilehire have drop hammers from 3ton to 30ton to suit all piling and post jobs

Vibrators or more commonly, Vibros, are mainly used for driving and extracting piles. Sheet piles and UC columns are the most common pile driven with Vibros. We have a full range of Vibros from 10 to 60t excavator range. We have found ESF Vibros very good, we have run them in our fleet since 2012 and we are the NZ agent for ESF Vibros

Plate Compactors are used for compacting the earth however these days they are mostly converted to drive piles. They are an eccentric cam which spins causing a vibration. We fit pipe clamps to the bottom so you can drive in posts and piles

Breaker drivers are essentially a rock breaker converted with a cub spear so it can go on top of a post to drive it down.