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Pilehire's extensive range of rock breakers and concrete breakers are available for hire and designed to take the hard work out of your toughest demolition and excavation projects. Our top-of-the-line equipment is built to deliver power, precision and efficiency, making short work of concrete surfaces and challenging rock formations. Whether you're tackling a construction site, roadwork or any project that demands breaking and removal, our robust breakers are the go-to choice for professionals. 

Pilehire have a large range of Rock Breakers and Concrete Breakers. Breakers are used for breaking rock and concrete. Fit one to your digger and they are very fast. Mounting options are available to suit both Excavator and Skid Steer Loaders.

Primary Pulverisers are used to initially break down a building into smaller parts to make disassembly easier. Primary Pulverisers have large hydraulic rams which force the jaws shut to crush concrete. They are narrow and easy to get into tight spots. They look like a bit like scissors.

Secondary Pulverisers are used to break the parts into smaller chunks. Secondary Pulverisers have large hydraulic rams which force the jaws shut to crush concrete and rocks. They are wider than Primary Pulverisers and are great for breaking down big bits. They look like dinosaur heads.

Drum Cutters, milling head or road headers are mostly used for trenching in rock or cutting into rock faces. Drum Cutters can also be used for concrete grinding or as a road miller.

Vibro Rippers are similar to a rock breaker. Vibro Rippers vibrate as you pull them through the ground with your excavator. They help shatter the rock and unlike a rock breaker you can pull and rip without the chisel breaking so easily.

Hydraulic Shears for Excavators are a Versatile, Powerful Tool Hydraulic shears used in demolition are one of the most powerful, versatile tools in the excavator attachment arsenal. Steel hydraulic jaws are used to dismantle a steel structure during demolition, easily cutting through steel plates, girders and rebar.

A bucket crusher or crusher bucket is a type of jaw crusher. It's an attached tool for excavators for built-in crushing construction waste and demolition materials. It has the design of a shovel, which is open at the rear for releasing the shredded material. great for crushing rock and crushing concrete.